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Wendy Powell

Zero to Six Figures & Beyond. 3 Strategies That Worked For Me


Between 2009 and 2014 I built an online business from zero to six figures and since, into seven figures and beyond. Highs, celebrations, accolades and successes, crappy realisations of failed ideas and projects, terrifying and stressful decisions and risks, awesome people and life-changing thrills and experiences ... My Story is one of developing acute self-awareness [...]

January 2020

Wendy Powell

My Kids Made Me Do It


These kids are why MUTU exists 💖.  My daughter’s birth in 2005 involved a 28 hour labour, a ventouse assisted delivery, massive postpartum haemorrhage, episiotomy and a pelvic floor shot to hell. Multiple interventions that saved my life, but also that left me feeling broken, ashamed, bitter and utterly disconnected. Less than 2 years [...]

November 2019

Wendy Powell

Hello, I’m Wendy Powell


Hello! I’m Wendy Powell, a nearly-fifty-ish British businesswoman and mother of teenagers. Since 2009 I have built an online business from zero to millions in revenue and value. The brand I have built has its own story and its own life-force, but on this blog I will also be telling mine. Why I started, [...]

October 2019

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