Are you a military spouse with a background or business in health or fitness, but losing clients every time your family has to move?


Are you struggling to establish your own business or find work to fit around your crazy military lifestyle?


Would you love to help and empower the military moms in a supportive community that understands your lifestyle?


Or maybe are you a healthcare provider who cares for military service members and family?


We are so excited to announce our very first M.O.M.S. (Military Outreach MUTU System) Pro certification course.

We believe every mom deserves a body that works and makes her feel good, and we are on a mission to empower the military mamas with body confidence and give each of them the guidance and tools to heal and recover properly after having kids.

We know that we can’t do this alone without the help of the people on the ground and that is why WE NEED YOU!

We have created this 3 day live certification course for health and fitness professionals just like you. We are bringing our team of experts direct to you, to train and educate you and to share their years of expertise with you.


  • Build a business that can travel with you from base to base
  • Gain credibility and expertise and be the go-to for the military community
  • Be the very first on-base Military MUTU Pro and postpartum exercise and recovery specialist
  • Access a whole community of military moms, online and from across the world
  • Stop putting your career on hold every time you move
  • Feel more fulfilled in your career and home life
  • Do all of this while working around your family and military commitments
  • Gain business support and guidance from the Military Pro team!
  • Be listed in our online listing of qualified military pros and put in front of a platform of over 41,000 women



When: August 6th – 8th 2018
Where: Iron Mike Conference Center at Fort. Bragg NC

Too many women are not given the tools and knowledge they need to get their body confidence back after having a baby. The MUTU System online program has already helped over 41,000 women, but military moms want more!

Military moms want one-on-one help, they want YOUR help!

There is a massive pool of potential clients out there who need you!

The Military MUTU Pro Certification is designed to give you a formula to help these moms and to help you build a business that you don’t have to keep starting over. We give you access to military spouses who desperately need your expertise. You also gain the support of a business network as well as the marketing know-how of a million dollar online brand . Through the Military Outreach MUTU System project, we are passionate about restoring more military moms’ body confidence but we can’t do it without you. Time and time again women tell us they wish they had learned this information sooner.

Am I Eligible?

Candidates must be certified in a relevant profession: personal trainer, fitness instructor, Pilates instructor, Yoga instructor, Midwife, Physical Therapist, Physio, or Doula. Other certifications will be considered on an individual basis.

Candidates must hold current, valid liability and indemnity insurance to teach their discipline or practice their profession at the time of certification.

You must have access to get onto the military installation.

What will certifying as a MUTU Pro mean for you and your business?

  1. You’ll be able to attract and keep more postpartum clients on your military base and in your local area. With over 41,000 women who have gone through the MUTU System, over 100,000 unique visitors to the MUTU System website each month and our online community of military moms, you have access to a new pool of clients.
  2. You’ll align yourself and your business with industry leaders and experts. This certification comes with eligibility criteria – not just anyone can be a part of it – you have to know your stuff!
  3. You’ll feature in our online directory of certified MUTU Pros on our high traffic website and benefit from unrivalled marketing and business support. MUTU Pro doesn’t just teach you – it helps you make money!
  4. You can get ahead of your competitors in your area. This is an underserved market especially in the military communities. Lots of trainers work with moms’ bodies… many don’t really know how to. You can be one of the very first military MUTU Pros qualified on your military base.
  5. You gain huge credibility as a specialist health or fitness professional training or working with women. That credibility travels with you, wherever you are stationed.
  6. You’ll know how to ace those ‘awkward conversations’ with confidence, empathy and real expertise! You’ll be armed with the right knowledge and expertise to really make a difference to your postpartum clients in a safe and effective way

Hear it from REAL fitness pros just like you, who’ve certified and are putting it into practice

“Being a military spouse isn’t an easy task at all. It’s hard always switching jobs and finding something you enjoy and that’s meaningful. I’m ever so grateful for the MUTU system and becoming a MUTU Pro as it has allowed me to help women regain control of their life. As a military spouse we tend to always put others first and not ourselves. Becoming a Pro has given me the flexibility in my schedule that I need to earn an income that can travel with me from base to base. The MUTU system has changed my life and becoming a Pro has allowed me to change the lives of others as well.”

Krissy Gillay | Military MUTU Pro

“Over half of my clients now are MUTU-related clients. The MUTU word is spreading and moms are seeking out in-person Pros to help maximize their MUTU system experience. I have made back my initial investment and quite a bit more! In fact, I am taking my family do Disneyland this spring paid for by my “little” part-time AlphaMamas Fitness bank account. It is the best of both worlds – a quality program that actually works, and a wonderful business opportunity that is profitable!”

Suzanne Edwards | MUTU Pro

Meet the experts heading up this certification


Founder and CEO of MUTU System and MUTU Pro, and certified post-pregnancy exercise professional

Wendy is a recognized leading international expert and speaker on postpartum recovery. Wendy’s postpartum exercise program is the international best-selling, globally recognized and award winning recovery program for moms that truly works. More than 41,000 women around the world have already discovered MUTU System. It’s recommended by medical experts, Physical Therapists, Physiotherapists and Women’s Health professionals and MUTU regularly wins prestigious awards in media, business and health fields internationally. Put simply, MUTU serves tens of thousands of women around the world who want to shift the mummy tummy, heal their core and pelvic floor, get strong, fit and truly body confident, inside and out. Wendy works alongside NHS hospitals and Women’s Health Physio departments in the UK as well as highly respected pelvic health and women’s health physical therapists in the USA and Australia, collaborating, sharing and teaching to ensure that women receive the best possible care and service.

After many years and proven expertise in the industry, and in response to huge demand, Wendy is now helping professionals in this sector to expand their professional abilities, better relate to existing clients and gain business insight with the MUTU Pro Certification.

Ashley Gammon

M.O.M.S. Project and Community Manager and MUTU Pro, and certified personal trainer

Ashley is a personal trainer, MUTU Pro, military spouse, and is heading up the M.O.M.S. project. Through her work as a MUTU Pro, Ashley has helped hundreds of moms to recover, get fit and find body confidence again, post-baby. Together with Wendy Powell, Ashley launched the brand new Military Outreach MUTU System to military moms all over the world, helping them to build a much needed community of support, and guiding them in their postpartum recovery. She is now taking M.O.M.S. to the next level and empowering military spouse with career building and income generating opportunities.


On certifying, you’ll join the rest of our M.O.M.S. certified MUTU Pros at the forefront of postpartum fitness in our military communities. You get to be at the forefront of this project as we spread the word of postpartum health and recovery to military communities across the US.

You’ll have first-hand knowledge of MUTU System techniques, as well as access to a wealth of resources and ongoing expert advice from Ashley, Wendy and her team. True credibility with integrity is key in this sector and we only represent the best. Get unrivaled support and mentoring from Ashley, plus your details listed in our directory of health and fitness professionals for new clients to easily find you!

If you’re a health and fitness professional, working with women, and you like what you hear but have more questions, send the team a message: