Thinking about becoming a MUTU Pro? Check out what some of our current Pros gained from their training…

Bill Bitz, MUTU Pro
Personal Trainer and Weightlifting Coach. Florida, USA

“It has expanded my business by exposing me to a different segment that I may not have been exposed to before. The postpartum market is very much a word of mouth group. The amount of referrals that I get has skyrocketed. It’s amazing! I am much more confident in helping my clients become comfortable with working out again. I love knowing that all the exercises that I have them do are safe for them. Like I said the “Mom” crowd is a very vocal one. If one is happy with your training they tell everyone of their friends. Word of mouth referrals are amazing.”

Tracy Sher, MUTU Pro Advisory
Pelvic Physical Therapist Florida, USA.

“In terms of increase of referrals, we get an extra 20-30 visits per month directly from MUTU Pro. What I really love about MUTU is it’s reaching the community in a way that is sometimes hard for us to do as health professionals. We can go online and we can talk about the science and information but MUTU has probably one of the best ways of reaching this community that I’ve seen and specifically the postnatal community.”

Nicole Atwood, MUTU Pro
Personal Trainer. Utah, USA

“The training was incredible, to be surrounded by so many like minded professionals was incredibly empowering. My knowledge and understanding increased, I gained valuable assessment tools, and business support and information I didn’t have before. After being trained by Wendy herself my respect and admiration for MUTU System only increased and deepened. This is the real deal and being able to be a part of it as a Pro is everything I had hoped it would be.”

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