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Wendy Powell

Start-Up Story


I'd start at the beginning of my Start-Up Story if I could be clear about what ‘the beginning’ is. Is it when I thought I might have an idea for a thing? Or when there was actually finally a thing? Or when someone first bought my thing (Thankyou Kim. I'll always remember your name). Well [...]

January 2020

Wendy Powell

Zero to Six Figures & Beyond. 3 Strategies That Worked For Me


Between 2009 and 2014 I built an online business from zero to six figures and since, into seven figures and beyond. Highs, celebrations, accolades and successes, crappy realisations of failed ideas and projects, terrifying and stressful decisions and risks, awesome people and life-changing thrills and experiences ... My Story is one of developing acute self-awareness [...]

January 2020

Wendy Powell

Survey Results From MUTU With Medical Review


MUTU System for Postpartum Incontinence, Diastasis Recti & Sexual Health - What's The Evidence? There's nowhere to hide online. If your product works, if people like what you do, they tell the internet, and if they don't, well then they definitely tell the internet. In the days of MUTU exercise DVD's we once got a one-star rating [...]

November 2019

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