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Be recognised as a business that supports mothers

Cut through the noise and connect with your customer in a meaningful and effective way

Empower and support your female employees returning to work after maternity leave and beyond

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MUTU Corporate Ambassador | MUTU Business

Align your brand in the eyes of customers and employees with a pioneering, award-winning and trusted digital product for mums. MUTU is evidence-based and recommended by medical professionals including NHS
Midwives, specialist
Physiotherapists and GP’s.

Women trust MUTU System and its partners as credible, safe and effective. Social media platforms, Mum and parenting blogs, Trustpilot, Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and even reported Royal patronage all demonstrate valuable social proof that your brand can benefit from.

How does it work?

We supply high quality graphics and impactful copy for you to use on your websites, social media platforms or packaging.

Everytime a customer buys the MUTU System programme as a result of clicking on your link, you earn commission revenue. Tracking and payment are automated Becoming a Corporate Ambassador is insanely simple:

  • Zero risk
  • No upfront payment or purchase required
  • No contractual commitment

You earn revenue shares (commission) when a customer buys via your links. Payments to your business are monthly and automated.

How to get started

Step 1: Sign up – Registration takes just a minute, and once approved you will receive your unique referral tracking link.

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Step 2: Promote – Once your company is affiliated, you can promote MUTU to your customers through your website, social media, packaging, promotions and all the platforms you have at your disposal.

Simply copy and paste done-for-you educational and marketing content, copy and graphics to start promoting MUTU alongside your brand.

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Step 3: That’s it! Earn £££ every time someone purchases through your links!

We Do the Rest

When a customer clicks on your unique referral link, we automatically track immediate and future purchases and attribute them to your account. You can view your sales ledger at any time.

Mum Friendly

MUTU Friendly Workplace | MUTU corporateMUTU Corporate | MUTU BusinessMUTU Corporate | MUTU Business

Creating a workplace that supports and empowers working mums demands policies that embrace Diversity & Inclusivity, and sometimes even a fundamental shift in culture.

By engaging with MUTU and demonstrating your company’s commitment to empowering your female workforce, you will be taking a huge step towards this goal.

So what does a MUTU friendly workplace mean?

Every expectant, new or not-so-new mother in your company is gifted the MUTU System programme to enable her to safely and effectively recover and strengthen after childbirth.

MUTU System is an evidence-based programme with proven benefits for mental health, wellbeing and self confidence.

MUTU also significantly improves physical symptoms that may hinder a woman’s ability to work and enjoy life to her full potential.

By welcoming MUTU into your workplace you are not only supporting and investing in your female employees’ health and wellness, you are also demonstrating to your community how important working mothers are to your business.

Good for women, and good for business

Every package will be bespoke to your business, and may include:

  • Discounts for employers dependant upon number of programmes purchased
  • Personalised support emails, text messages with your company branding
  • Branded gift cards for redemption by employees
  • On-site support and classes led in person by a fully certified MUTU Pro fitness professional

MUTU has sold nearly 60,000 programmes since 2009 and is regarded as the pioneer and leader of online exercise programmes for mothers. By working with MUTU, you have the opportunity, capability and resources to empower your female workforce.

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