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Wendy Powell

The 7 Things (you may not know) that are Affecting Female Talent Retention in your Business


There are 7 things affecting female talent retention in your business that you may not be aware of. Whether working from the office or from home, there are unspoken challenges faced by many women returners. To attract and keep female parent employees, and to have them perform at their highest level, employer policies must acknowledge [...]

May 2020

Wendy Powell

Wetting Yourself At Work Is Not OK


Creating a workplace that supports and empowers working mums demands policies that embrace flexible working, maternity leave and return-to-work support. But in order to contribute at our highest level, women also need to feel physically confident and strong. After maternity leave The end of 'maternity leave' doesn't always imply full physical recovery and strength. [...]

November 2019

Wendy Powell

Women Lifting Women | Charities We Support


More than ever, ‘what we stand for’ as businesses and as consumers, matters. We are increasingly aware of not only the products and services we create or consume, but of how and where they are made, what are the environmental and human impacts, and where are profits and agendas directed. MUTU exists to help [...]

November 2019

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