Creating a workplace that supports and empowers working mums demands policies that embrace flexible working, maternity leave and return-to-work support. But in order to contribute at our highest level, women also need to feel physically confident and strong.

After maternity leave

The end of ‘maternity leave’ doesn’t always imply full physical recovery and strength. This can affect women’s mental health and performance as well as happiness at work. In a recent survey*, 87% of women said that dealing with pelvic health issues had affected their mental health at some stage.

Post-baby (even a long time post-baby) physical symptoms and challenges may include stress incontinence, pelvic pain, backache or a weak core, not to mention lack of sleep, lack of at-home support and lack of self-care. All these factors affect physical function and performance, whilst knocking confidence and impacting professional and social commitments at work.


Incontinence affects almost half of all women₁, while 50% of postnatal women experience pelvic organ prolapse with symptoms of bladder and bowel dysfunction₂. 37% of women have wet themselves at work within the last month. Of those, 21% wet themselves weekly and almost 1 in 10 daily while at work₃. This is not OK.

These symptoms are embarrassing, uncomfortable and they are directly affecting women’s mental health, confidence and ability to excel in the workplace. There is growing media coverage of these statistics, but also of the ‘normalising’ of leaking and incontinence in women. The Royal College of Nursing recently criticised TENA for implying that incontinence is “normal and expected” after childbirth. It’s not. We don’t just have to put up with symptoms like these just because we had the audacity to have children…

As a vocal women’s health advocate and postpartum recovery specialist, I am working to highlight this link between pelvic health and mental health. It’s not enough to just talk about these issues anymore, we need to give women the support and information they need.

MUTU friendly workplace

Medically recommended and celebrity-endorsed online at-home programme MUTU System can now be included in your Corporate benefits package, awarded to foster a ‘MUTU Mum-Friendly Workplace‘.

Companies can engage with MUTU to demonstrate a holistic and cost-effective commitment to empowering their female workforce.

It’s a simple proposition: Every expectant, new (or not-so-new) mother in your company is gifted access to the MUTU System programme, enabling her to safely and effectively recover and strengthen after childbirth.

The MUTU System Programme

MUTU System is an evidence-based programme with proven benefits for mental health, wellbeing and self confidence, improving physical symptoms that may hinder a woman’s ability to work and enjoy life to her full potential.

By welcoming MUTU into your workplace you are not only supporting and investing in your female employees’ health and wellness, you are also demonstrating to your community how important working mothers are to your business.

Good for women, and good for business.

MUTU has sold nearly 60,000 programmes since 2009 and is recognised as a pioneer in the industry. By working with MUTU, you have the means to truly empower your female workforce.

Find out more at MUTU or message me or MUTU Head of UK Sales, Ginny Askam.

MUTU System customer data 2018

₁ British Urological institute

₂ Hagen et al 2004

₃ Amy J Sinclair / Ian N Ramsay, Review: The psycho-social impact of urinary incontinence in women. The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist 2011